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Call for Artists: Sculpture Trail: Stories in the Landscape 2022.

Job details

The Sculpture Park: Waitakaruru Arboretum
30 Sep 2022
Work type
Call for entries, Expressions of interest
Work classification
Visual Arts


Stories in the Landscape 2022

The Sculpture Park @ Waitakaruru Arboretum

The park offers a setting unique for every story the artist tells.  There is an opportunity for the artist to harness the diversity of the site and to anticipate a setting suited to the story told in many locations along the main 2km art-in-nature trail.

This relation to the landscape could be from a geological, botanical, cultural, or historic perspective.  There are numerous features of the park that can inspire ideas for artists to develop. 

The sculpture park is a former quarry which:

  • features exposed rock and cliffs
  • provides many ponds enabling reflections
  • borders  the confiscation line of land taken from Tainui -- still highly visible in the landscape,
  • is now an arboretum with thousands of trees, many mature enough for hanging installations
  • has a firm roads enabling  installation of large sculptural work


We want to encourage artists to develop their practice and research methods recognising the context of where their finished work can be placed in a landscape developing their stories to include the origin of the materials they use – the rock they carve from, the metal they weld together, or the clay they construct from relating the cultural history of their work

This way we hope to enrich the experience of the audience—as artists will be sharing their stories with diverse visitors to the park over the months of the exhibition.

So how can we convey interpretations to a diverse audience?   We hope to again create a video which can feature some artists talking about their work.  In addition:  we will use QR codes so visitors can see & listen to each artist talk about their work and use these QR codes in  accompanying poster so the artists interpretation of their work can reach a wider audience. (as we did in 2021)

NB: Please refer to the timeline and download the proposal/expression of interest form to submit your work for consideration.

Noting early bird / special projects will be considered earlier to enable consultation and development support.


Details and Key Dates: 

Stories in the Landscape 2022

12th November 2022 - 26th February 2023

This 25th exhibition, held within the Sculpture Park and Arboretum, is interwoven with the substantial current collection within the park. 

This year the Art-in-Nature Arboretum Trust has appointed Gina Ferguson to curate the exhibition.  She can be reached at :

Proposal forms can be found here:

Call for Expressions of Interest:   April – September 2022 (30 Sep deadline)

Early Bird / Site Responsive Projects Expressions of interest:  April – August  2022

Final Selection:  3rd October – 21st   October 2022

Site Visit: (Site Responsive  Projects)1st October 2022 TBC

Offers to artists: week of 22nd October 2022

Placement/installation:  from 29th October 2022

Preparation of Catalogue: 6th November 2022

Opening evening:  Friday, 11th November 2022



How to apply

Proposal forms and related information can be found at

Written by

The Sculpture Park at Waitakaruru Arboretum

21 Aug 2022